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Epson FX-890II Driver Download | Canon Support

Epson FX-890II Driver Download - Epson FX-890II offers durability and ease of use for your everyday printing needs. This reliable 9-pin impact-patch printer has a long durability cycle, and has a speed of up to 738 cps. Up-to-7.5 million character tape cartridges that can reduce user intervention and also cost-effective prints per page. Designed to be integrated with all systems, including Epson ESC / P programming languages, IBM PPDS and MICROLINE. Ideal for business environments, and comes with an intuitive control panel for easier setup and operation.
Epson FX-890II Driver Download

Epson FX-890II Features:

  • Extreme reliability: long life cycle; durable design with very few moving parts; withstands dust, humidity, and extreme temperatures
  • Low cost of ownership: up-to-7.5-million-character ribbon cartridge offers a low cost per page and reduces the frequency of user interventions
  • Powerful productivity: ultra-fast 9-pin printer speeds through multipart forms and reports at up to 738 cps
  • Seamless integration with both new and legacy systems: includes Epson ESC/P, IBM PPDS, and MICROLINE printer languages for greater flexibility
  • Advanced paper handling: simple paper path for remarkable reliability; accommodates cut-sheet paper and continuous forms up to 7 pages thick
  • Easy setup and operation: user-friendly control panel with intuitive setup and configuration features
  • Low power consumption: ENERGY STAR V2.0 compliant
  • Ethernet compatible: network card supports IPv6

Epson FX-890II Specifications:

Paper Handling Impact
  • Forms: Continuous multipart, original plus 6 carbonless copies, 1 + 6 copies with pull tractor, maximum thickness .018"
  • Width: Single sheets: 3.9" to 10.1"
  • Continuous: 4" to 10"
  • Cut-sheet feeder: 7.2" to 8.5"
  • Envelopes: No. 6 envelopes: 6.5" x 3.6", No. 10 envelopes: 9.5" x 4.1"
  • Length: Single sheets: 3.9" to 14.3"
  • Continuous: 4" to 22"
  • Cut-sheet feeder: 10.1" to 14"
  • Labels: Minimum: 2.5" x 0.94"
  • Roll paper: 8.5" width
  • Paper Feed Speed: 62 millisecond per 1/6", 5" per second continuous feed
  • Paper Path: Manual insertion: Front or rear in, top out
  • Cut sheet feeder: Top in, top out
  • Tractor: Front, rear or bottom in, top out
  • Pull push tractor: Front or rear in, top out

Impact Printer Details
  • Software Drivers: Windows 95, 98, 2000, Me, XP and NT 4.0
  • Printer Language: Epson ESC / P, IBM PPDS, Okidata Microline (FX-890 Okidata Mode only)
  • Input Buffer: 128 KB
  • Interfaces: Bidirectional Parallel (IEEE 1284 Nibble Mode supported), USB 1.1, Type-B slot for optional interface cards

Control Panel
  • Functions: Font, pitch, pause, tear off, bin selection, line feed, form feed, load, eject, micro adjust, top-of-form adjustment, panel lockout, reset, menu, default setting selection

  • MTBF: 20,000 POH (25% duty cycle)
  • Total Print Volume: 52 million lines (not including printhead)
  • Print head life: 400 million characters at 14 dots / character
  • Ribbon life: 7.5 million characters at 14 dots / character

  • Rated Voltage: 120V
  • Rated Frequency: 50 – 60 Hz
  • Input voltage range: 103.5 – 132V
  • Input frequency range: 49.5 – 60.5 Hz

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