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Epson PLQ-22 Passbook Driver Download | Epson Support

Epson PLQ-22 Passbook Driver Download - Epson PLQ-22 Passbook printer with fast and versatile 24-pin printers, this printer has a print speed of up to 480 cps, high paper throughput and the ability to handle passbooks with thickness up to 2.6mm. This printer also comes with an easy-to-use automatic alignment for automatic print gap adjustments and ensures passbook book printing, faster and more efficient banking documents.
Epson PLQ-22 Passbook Driver Download
Epson PLQ-22 dot matrix can make processing of financial documents faster and easier and can help you to reduce customer queuing during peak hours. This printer is capable of printing at high speed, to increase the rate of banking transactions or other companies by staff and customers.

Epson PLQ-22 Passbook Specifications

  • Printing Faetures: 24 pin, impact dot matrix, columns: 94 (10cpi)
  • Approx Print Speed : High speed draft: 480/432cps at 10/12cpi, Draft (CPS): 360/360cps at 10/12cpi, NLQ (CPS): 180/180cps at 10/12cpi, LQ (CPS): 120/144 cps at 10/12cpi
  • ESC/P and PPDS emulations: High speed draft :480/576cps at 10/12cpi, Draft (CPS): 360/432cps at 10/12cpi, LQ (CPS): 120/144cps at 10/12cpi
  • Print Direction: Bi-direction with logic seeking
  • Dimensions: "15.11" x "11 x 8" (384 x 280 x 203 mm) (W x D x H)
  • Weight: 20.3 lbs (9.2 kg)
  • Case Color: Epson Cool White
  • Ribbon Life: 5 million characters (LQ 10cpi, 48 dots/character),10 million characters (draft 10cpi, 24 dots/character)
  • Inked Ribbon: fabric; Color: black

In this article, we will give support to download utilities and drivers for Epson PLQ-22 Passbook. But before you go to the download link that we have provided in the table below, read some of the instructions below first.

Operating System Support For Epson PLQ-22 Passbook Driver & Utilities

  • Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7 / Vista / XP

How to Download Epson PLQ-22 Passbook Driver & Utilities

  1. Click on the download link that is in the table.
  2. The driver download process will start automatically.
  3. The file storage dialog will appear, select the Folder you want and click save, the file will be automatically downloaded to your computer.
  4. When the download is complete, Click the dialog box that has been closed, And find the folder where you save the file.

Download Epson PLQ-22 Passbook Driver & Utilities For Windows

Download Links
PLQ-20/PLQ-20M Status Monitor Ver.2
PLQ-20/PLQ-20M Printer Driver Ver.2

How To Install The Epson PLQ-22 Passbook Drivers & Utilities

  1. After you finished Downloading this driver is ready to install.
  2. Click the open Folder, and then click the Epson Drivers file is already Downloaded.
  3. Specify the default location for saving the file Drivers.
  4. Then click Next, and then wait while the process extracts the files to prepare the Installations on your computer.
  5. At the time of the Install Wizard process has started, follow the instructions of the Form on your computer screen.
  6. If the process of installing Drivers is complete, Please Restart your computer in order to make the Installattion process runs optimally.
  7. Then do a test printing of documents or photos and scans. If the process goes smoothly then you've managed to Install the drivers correctly.